Saunders Archery SACO™ 2 Action Target 2-Paddle Unit

For competition archery and Wrist-Rocket slingshot enthusiasts; the Saco 2 is a new flip paddle target, fun to shoot, exciting to watch, durable and economical.

Shoot to relieve tension, hone quick aim-n-fire skills or enjoy the sounds and action of paddles flipping to the other side. Want more excitement?...its simple, add more people. Men, women and kids of all ages and skill levels have great fun competing one-on-one or in teams.

When it comes to slingshot and archery fun.....Saco 2 is the force multiplier. Patent Pending.

Stand sold separately.

Replacement colors: Paddles - (Yellow or Black)


Shipping and delivery generally takes 2 - 3 weeks.