Saunders Archery Power Pull™ Replacement Bands

Saunders Archery Power Pull™ Replacement Bands

Replacement Bands for Power Pull Exerciser ( set of 2 )

Upper Body Conditioner.

Don't wait till the hunting or tournament season to get in shape.

Build stronger back, arms and chest muscles in the first week. Pull one band high reps for improving muscle tone or two bands to increase muscle mass (two bands pull about 70# at 31").

Weights make the unit comparable to your fully equipped bow.

Easy to take on a trip or to use to relax at work.

Recommended by rehab specialist.

Instructions to Replace:
Cut old bands at the point were they are connected. Dip new ones for a little bit in alcohol about an inch, just enough to get the the alcohol inside the band, and in a fast motion you put them one.